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R series helical gea
R series helical gea
F series parallel sh
S series helical wor
K series helical bev
H Series Hardened ge
B Series Hardened ge
ZC series spiral bev
Z-series helical bev
W series worm
Company Profile
Zhejiang Boliqiang Reducer Co.,Ltd. is a development, production reducer professional enterprise. The main products are: K series helical bevel gear reducer a (power 0.12-200kw), S series helical gear - worm reducer (power 0.18-22kw), F series parallel shaft - Helical gear (power 0.18-90kw) , R series helical gear reducer (power 0.18-160kw) MB wireless transmission (power 0.18-7.5kw), NMRV series worm reducer (power 0.18-7.5Kw), H / B power reducer, total 2 more than ten thousand kinds of gear ratio.Strict ISO9000 quality management
· Reducer at the time of installation needs attention?
· Two types of transmission machinery
· Worm Reducer Features
· What are the advantages of gear reducer has it?
· Spiral bevel gear reducer Introduction
Boliqiang Reducer
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